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Modern, Safe and Welcoming School Facilities

Safe Facilities art
Providence students and families have seen how little our city and state value education almost every day, based on the terrible condition of Providence school buildings, from literally crumbling physical infrastructure to a lack of basic supplies and resources, such as toilet paper or internet sufficient for a school’s needs. This problem isn’t new, but the pandemic has highlighted the dire need to renovate and build school facilities that are modern, safe and welcoming.

  1. Fully funding facilities repair and maintenance. The state approved $278 million in capital investment in Providence schools in 2018-19, but that amount fell far short of the $532 million that a 2017 report by Jacobs and Cooperative Strategies estimated was needed for facilities investments in our schools.
  2. Providing transparent, consistent community engagement whenever schoolwide facility decisions are to be made. 
  3. Investing in internet in school buildings and continued support of home devices and internet.
  4. Ensuring every school is safe for public health. From continued monitoring of ventilation to ensuring lead-free water fountains, our schools mustn’t harm the health of students, families and educators.

Illustrations by Victoria Matthews

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