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Policies for anti-racist hiring, professional development and curriculum

Per a February 2021 Annenberg Institute report, on average for each teaching position that the Providence Public School District posted externally between the 2017-18 and 2020-21 school years, our district received less than half as many applications as the national average for teaching positions. The district’s track record on retention—after cutting peer mentor and new educator supports—is even worse. To truly change our schools, the city and state must invest to grow our own and collaborate with educators on relevant, anti-racist professional development and curriculum.

  1. Making bold and sustainable investments in Providence and statewide teacher pipelines, from Grow Your Own programs for students to supporting teacher assistants, our larger community and other career changers in transitioning to teaching.
  2. Hiring peer educator coaches to help support and retain educators we already have. 
  3. Supporting curriculum and professional development that reflect the breadth of our PVD community. 
  4. Committing to building an anti-racist school culture throughout staff and administration, through educator-led affinity groups and school-site collaboration.


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